ECU hacking classes

We get a lot of emails requesting classes on hacking ECUs to modify code and add custom functionality.After some deliberation we decided to do a 2-day class in collaboration with Dmitry was really helpful in setting everything up and getting the live stream goingWe showed the following ECUs-1. BMW MG12. Audi MED17.1.623. VW EDC17C464. […]

MEDC17 UDS Flashing Exploit

Just finished writing the backbone of my flashtool last week. Can flash any MEDC17(presently only UDS based). Here’s a snippet of a EDC17C46 being flashed on bench: It’s not just an FRF flash. Any modified file can be flashed(code and data area). An exploit in the bootloader is leveraged to allow RSA check(TPROT) to be […]

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