ECU hacking classes

We get a lot of emails requesting classes on hacking ECUs to modify code and add custom functionality.
After some deliberation we decided to do a 2-day class in collaboration with

Dmitry was really helpful in setting everything up and getting the live stream going
We showed the following ECUs-
1. BMW MG1
2. Audi MED17.1.62
3. VW EDC17C46
4. VW MED17.5

Concepts ranged from UDS protocol, CCP, Bootmode on Tricore TC176x and several other topics.

We had numerous attendees from German automotive manufacturers, a couple of people from prominent info-sec and pentesting companies as well as colleagues and competitors from the automotive tuning scene! Imagine all of them in one chat room watching the same class, haha

Anyway, the recorded session is still available to view here

If your company is interested in a private class, do email us and we will get back to you with a quote.

If you want to watch this class with a 10% discount, use code TANGET on the above link.

You can watch a short demo of Ghidra binary analysis(Bosch MED17.1.62) here:

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