ABS ECU Repair

Skoda Octavia/Laura 1Z(2009 Facelift L&K). It had an ABS issue.
Skoda service made a bill of upwards of 1lac(1400$) just to replace the ABS unit. I was never going to spend that much on ABS repairs. EVER.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and picked up my Stahlwille toolkit. Taking the ABS pump was no big deal, it’s anchored down by 2 dowels and 1 bolt.

Next step was to open it up:

This might look dangerous. It is. Don’t try this at your regular garage. A few minutes later:

Upon close inspection, we found nothing obviously wrong with the PCB. We still rebonded the BGA and chip and checked the power transistors. After powering the unit up, it still didn’t work. Diagnostics reported electrical issue with the hydraulic pump. Back to the bench!

Having separated the motor from the hydraulic unit, it was time to open it up and check the state of the commutator/brushes. Yup that’s 400C on the soldering iron.

This was followed by sanding the commutator with a fine sandpaper and replacing the brushes. Sealed with RTV sealant and temporarily held together by tie ups:

Tested the unit after installing it and now the ABS/ESP works flawlessly. 😉

We obviously had to redo it, this time with bolts instead of tie ups holding it all together 😛

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