ECU hacking classes

We get a lot of emails requesting classes on hacking ECUs to modify code and add custom functionality.After some deliberation we decided to do a 2-day class in collaboration with Dmitry was really helpful in setting everything up and getting the live stream goingWe showed the following ECUs-1. BMW MG12. Audi MED17.1.623. VW EDC17C464. […]

EDC15 Scrambling

A lot of tuners work hard on the dyno to make tunes, only to be copied by rivals. I have come up with a solution to protect the maps by scrambling them. This means that maps are protected from being copied in boot and OBD mode read. Only the tuner who has my tool(unique for […]

TDI Swap!

Jan of 2019, I was contacted by a offroad racing team. These guys had been using old mechanical pump Mahindra engines in their builds. They were bothered by how heavy these engines were, produced very little power and had a peak RPM of 2800. I suggested they use an ALH TDi engine from Skoda Octavia. […]

MED17 MapSwitch

A lot of tuners contacted us for a solution to switch between maps on the newer generation MED17 ECUs. After a few weeks of rigorous testing we have been able to come up with a robust solution. Here is a video of it in action on an VW Golf MED17.5: Contact us for a quote […]

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