EDC15 Scrambling

A lot of tuners work hard on the dyno to make tunes, only to be copied by rivals. I have come up with a solution to protect the maps by scrambling them. This means that maps are protected from being copied in boot and OBD mode read. Only the tuner who has my tool(unique for each tuner) will be able to descramble the file.

Here is an example of stock torque limiter on EDC15:

As can be seen, the tune is clearly visible and if a competitor wishes, they can copy.

Here is the scrambled map:

This scrambled map functions exactly like the tuned torque limiter, without revealing the map 🙂

Right now my EDC15 tool automatically scrambles :

  1. Driver’s Wish
  2. Torque limiter
  3. Smoke by MAF
  4. Smoke by MAP
  5. N75 duty cycle
  6. Boost pressure
  7. Boost pressure limit
  8. Pump voltage
  9. SOI limiter map

More maps can be added if a tuner desires. A scrambled tune can ONLY be descrambled by my tool, and only by the tuner. A different tuner, say tuner B, who has my tool will not be able to descramble tunes scrambled by Tuner A.

Contact on my email for more info.

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